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Who am I
I have been playing paintball for 15 years. I have seen the change in paintball and I think the direction it is going is wrong. There is discussion of paintball going in X-games or the change in format to make it more T.V. friendly. Now I believe that paintball in the NPPL form is more natural to the way the game was meant to be played. We always hear about money and paid players, but are we the ones who are effected b the changes. Can we the regular player afford to buy 10 cases of paint just to play X-ball? Is it fair that during this years I.A.O. we had to pay .00 a case? I think not. When I saw players decide to buy paint instead of food because they couldn't afford both it made me think when did greed become the dominating force in paintball. Lets all join forces and speak out the make this sport not only affordable but fun again.

The History or Story Behind My Site
The Sport of paintball has been around for 24 years. It has grown from the original 12 players to having more then 8 million participants a year. It has grown faster then any sport on the planet, and is played on every continent except for Antartica but thats only because no one lives there. For us to experience that much growth and for it to still not be enough for the larger companies is disturbing. I am looking for players and spporters to speak out against this insanity.

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